Visit with Grandpa Corky & Grandma Meg

16 April 2017

I'm getting caught up on our adventures over the last month and starting where I left off.

We had a great visit with Corky & Meg in March.  We made our first trip to Descanso Gardens where I had read that the trees and flowers were blooming.  

We walked in to the beautiful sight and smell of Wisteria.  

The Cherry trees were in full bloom.

In the Lilac orchard.  It smelled AMAZING.

Tree Pose!

Quinn wanted to create this video of him falling off the edge.  Don's acting skills are outstanding!

Over the Edge at Descanso Gardens from Amy white on Vimeo.

The Fibonacci Swirl for these two geeky guys.

A beautiful day among the blooms.

On Monday we shipped Quinn off to school and went to Malibu to have lunch on the pier.   Not too shabby!

One last pic before we had to say goodbye!

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