Week in Maryland

19 April 2017

Quinn and I spent Spring Break in Maryland.  

On our way....

Sending a pic to dad.

We celebrated Alex's 27th (!!!!!) Birthday with Pam and family.

Playing basketball in Pam's court.

Ben has tremendous upper body strength and can shoot from great distances.  Impressive!

I met Stacey in Frederick for lunch one day (this is her picture).  

And then Danielle & family drove down to spend a couple of days with us.  We met at a nature center close to moms house.  The boys jumped right in!


The next day we went to another local park.  Lots to do and lotsa fun!

Danielle, Quinn, Kaiden, and I hiked up to this gorgeous waterfall.  Quinn & Kaiden hopped like Spiderman over all the rocks to get to the top.

Quinn and Kaiden playing a game they made up.

One last pic before they leave petting the neighbor's dog.  

And all the variations of Grams, Quinn, Pam, and Amy before we leave.

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