15 May 2017

I Love You the Bluest

As I was emptying Quinn's backpack on Friday, I pulled out a piece of paper.  Quinn quickly grabbed it from me and ran off.

Forward to Sunday morning and Quinn went looking for that piece of paper that he said he hid under the couch cushion.  It was no where to be found.

Forward to Sunday night I was up alone around 10 pm and Quinn came downstairs with tears in his eyes.  He said that even though he couldn't find the poem he wrote, he remembered what it said.  So he cuddled on my lap and recited this poem.  

I Love You the Bluest
by Quinn White

I love you the color of the Fiji waters,
I love you the color of the wall of my classroom,
I love you the color of the sky in a starry night,
I love you the bluest!

This morning I asked him to write it down for me so that we wouldn't forget it.  This kid is everything.

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