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by Amy, June 14, 2017
Quinn has been going to OT for about 3 years in SoCal.  

This lovely lady has been amazing with Quinn.  She gets him and she helps him with the stuff that is challenging for him.  He would go once a week and always give me an "aww, man, do I have to go".  On his last day he shed some tears because he was going to miss her and his OT buddies.    This kid never ceases to amaze me.

Purple rain.

Date night.  I send a picture to Danielle to make sure my outfit is ok.

Quinn's class worked in groups to create a Charlotte's Web themed carnival game.  Quinn told his teacher that his dad has a workshop and they can build something really cool.

The finished product.  Quinn's design and a little help from Dad.

Quinn's class got a visit from a group of 4th Graders to talk about their transition to 4th grade.  One of the teachers is the "technology teacher" and everyone wants him next year.

I found this blow up croc on sale at the grocery store and knew it would be a hit.

Quinn couldn't wait to give it a try...in his pj's.

Quinn's bff Hayden and other friends at Hayden's birthday party.

2nd to last day of school and I found Quinn and a new-ish friend from class sitting quietly and reading together.  

Fun at field day.  First up was a dance party and the kids started a conga line.

Hot kids after Field Day enjoying some popsicles.  

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