26 July 2017

July Stuff

Don was on his high school swim team so he is able to help out Quinn with some of the details of swim team.  Quinn has been having problems with his goggles fitting properly and falling off when he dives in so Don and Q spent some time in the pool getting the right fit.  

Slow Summer Mornings (under a green blankie).

Now that Quinn has his TKD blue belt, he attends class with kids who have blue belts and up.  I've noticed Quinn's skills have gone up a level just in the short time he's been in the new class.

Here's Quinn doing a "forms battle" with a 2nd degree blue belt to see who can do their form best (they are doing 2 different forms).  The other boy has a brain fart about 15 seconds in which messes up Quinn too, but Quinn composes himself and keeps on going.  Quinn wins this match.

Forms Battle from Amy white on Vimeo.

We squeeze in one last playdate with his friend Nate who's moving to Australia.   And add water balloons for the win!

BLT's with extra bacon please!

Quinn got a tomato plant at a Cub Scout Meeting in June and it had 4 tomatoes with one getting nice and red.

Until a little thief took off with it.  Stupid squirrel!

For the last 3 summers Quinn has participated in Parkour camp at a local gym.  He only does a couple of afternoons but loves it each time.  And what a cool place!

Back to TKD.  For each new belt, Quinn has to earn his philosophy stripe for that belt.  Basically he has to learn a handful of information about the belt....and also remember all the information from previous belts.  At this point, it's become quite a bit of information.   Don made Quinn a bunch of flash cards to help him study.  Quinn hates flash cards and thinks they are overrated :)

Studying for the Blue Belt.

This is Quinn's face after he ACED his philosophy test.  Why this face?  "As much as I hate to admit it,  flash cards do work."

25 July 2017

Q's First Swim Meet

By now you know that Quinn has been participating in a summer swim league.  The swim league is for kids that are not quite ready for the swim team.  It's a softer, easier approach to swim team.

And the school offers a couple of swim meets over the summer to give the kids a taste for swim meets.  It was a great learning lesson for all of us.  This meet was held at a local private school.

Our mighty swimmer after warm-ups.  This was all new to him so he was feeling nervous.

Quinn's swim team under the red umbrella getting a pep talk from Coach Daou.   Quinn has been taking swim lessons at Daland for about 4 years so I've had the opportunity to watch this coach in action.   He's loud and assertive and the kids respect him.  But he's also fun and funny and positive so the kids love him.  

Don volunteered to be an official timer for the event so he's in position.

We only entered Quinn in 2 races -- the 50 freestyle and 50 backstroke.  Those are his 2 best strokes and we wanted to set him up for success.

His first event -- 50 freestyle.   Don happened to be timing Quinn's lane.

Take Your Mark.

Go.   As you can see, many of the kids don't have the dive quite down.  Quinn has a good start.

And the finish.  Quinn came in 2nd in his heat.  And had his PR (personal record).  Since it was his first race, this time was automatically his PR.

Waiting for his next race.  He was feeling pretty anxious for his first race and had a couple of tears.  But once he got it under his belt, the 2nd race was much less stressful for him.

50 yard backstroke start.  Looking like a pro.

And a video of the backstroke.  Unfortunately there were only 2 boys in this race but Quinn did a great job...and again got his PR.

Backstroke at First Swim Meet from Amy white on Vimeo.

Afterwards he said the meet was AWESOME!   It makes us so proud that he gets out of his comfort zone and tries new things.   And gives it his best!!

18 July 2017


One of Quinn's best friends, Hayden, slept over on Friday night.  The boys were beyond excited about the big event.  Quinn has spent several nights at Hayden's house but this was Hayden's first night here.  

We pulled out the water balloons and had a big, fun swim party.

After swim they ate bowls and bowls of popcorn and watched a movie before heading off to sleep around 11 pm.  Not too bad.

A little screen time first thing in the morning.   Don took them to TKD for a fun Saturday morning class.

Then it was off to an arcade warehouse.  

You pay a $3 entry fee and have unlimited arcade game play.   They had my two favorite arcade games that I used to play ALOT in college:  Galaga and Centipede.

Did I mention it was 105 degrees that day in the valley and we were in a warehouse?  The sweaty blue-eyed boys after several games of air hockey.

I have a feeling this is the first of many sleepovers.  In fact Don and I were talking about planning some weekend sleepovers so the parents can have a weekend away.

17 July 2017

Quinn's Aussie Buddy

Quinn's buddy Nate and his family are moving back to Australia.  We are sad to see them leave but that gives us an extra incentive to travel Down Under.  

Nate's mum and I took the boys for a little fun of miniature golf, rides, and arcades for a proper sendoff.  

On Quinn's first day of school at Lang Ranch in 2014 we were both feeling a little bit nervous and didn't know anyone.  Quinn was sitting off to the side whistling when a little dark haired boy walked up and asked Quinn if he could whistle any Minecraft songs.  At that point, I got the sense that it was all going to be OK.  

Here are the boys just after they met on the first day of 1st grade.

And 1st Grade Jog-a-Thon.    

They haven't been in the same class since 1st grade but whenever they get back together they have the best time.  We will miss Nate and his family.

16 July 2017

Sunset Walk

A beautiful view on an evening walk.

Our Swim Stud

You might have seen Don post this picture on FB and hash tagged it #littlestud.  Quinn getting ready for swim league.

It's amazing to see the amount of progress Quinn has made just in a couple of weeks on the swim league.  They swim lots of laps and have been working on all their strokes.

Quinn also had his first start off the swim block.  He lost his goggles in the dive and he kept on swimming.  All those years of swim lessons without goggles prepared him for this moment.  A Michael Phelps moment.

Swim Block Start from Amy white on Vimeo.

You may have also seen this picture that Don posted on FB.  The swim school offers coached swim workouts for "Dudes" three times a week.  Don just started and is really enjoying it.

10 July 2017

Fireworks, TKD, and the Theater!

We had friends over for dinner on the 4th of July and then we all went to the Westlake Village fireworks.   A friend had told me about a good spot to watch the fireworks without too many people.  It turned out to be a great place and we also ran in to her there.  

Here is our view when we arrived.   The brights lights are where the main activities were happening.  

My unintentional out of focus shot but i liked it.   The show was good and we were home in 15 minutes.

Now that Quinn is a blue belt, he has moved up a class level with blue belts and red belts.  Some of these kids are training for black belt.   This higher level really pushes Quinn but he did great.  

We've wanted to see The Book of Mormon since we were in NJ and it was playing in NYC.  And Saturday was our day!! We dropped Quinn off at a friend's house FOR THE NIGHT :) and we went off to the show.

It was really a brilliant show and absolutely hilarious and very offensive.   And we loved it!   The cast was so talented.  It was a great day followed by a nice dinner and some floating in the pool.

03 July 2017

Swimming, Plums, and Summer Stuff

New jammers (swim trunks), goggles, and fins.  Coach approves.  

If a friend gives you alot of plums from her tree, make a Plum Torte.

This kid seems to be getting car sick more frequently these days.  It's usually after a sweet breakfast and iPad watching in the car.  A little fresh air helps.

Swimming, Pizza, and then Screens.  They were all playing in the same Minecraft World and there was quite a bit of chatter.

01 July 2017

Summer Time

A new load of books for summer reading. 

Quinn has started with a summer swim league.  It's like swim team practice for kids who aren't quite ready for swim team.  He will go 2 - 3 days a week for 45 minutes.

Morning Vibes.

At the Aquarium of the Pacific with friends.  What a face :)