31 August 2017

Kitchen Progress

Drywall is up, stair opening is closed, cement is poured.  We are getting there.

Fourth Grade Goals

Don & I attended Back-to-School night this week and had a chance to meet Quinn's teacher Mrs. Carroll.

The word around school is that she is very strict but I really liked her and thought the negatives were really positives.

She makes it clear to her students what she expects of them...and she expects alot.  She pushes each student to do their own best and will never give a student work that they cannot handle.  Fourth Grade is also about being organized and managing time and projects and she works with the class step-by-step to master this.

Quinn's 3rd grade teacher was very artsy and free flowing and we really liked her.  Quinn's 4th grade teacher is very organized and strict and we like that too.   Oh, and she has a BS in Science so YES to science!  And she has a 3D printer!  Fun!

Here are Quinn's 4th grade goals:

1 - Get better handwriting
2 - learn to type with a mouse in my hand
3 - teach my dog to get what I say
4 - learn how to make my own pancakes

27 August 2017

First Trip to the Skirball

We made our first trip to the Skirball museum this weekend.  It is right by the Getty and have passed by it dozens of times but never took too much notice.   I saw that they had a special Paul Simon exhibit that was finishing it's run and I knew that Don would enjoy visiting.  Don is a big fan of Paul Simon.  

So off we went.  They have a very cool Noah's Ark exhibit for kids.  Pretty impressive!

Everything in this exhibit is made out of recycled or reused materials.  

There were lots of moving parts.  Here was the area where you could create rain, wind, thunder, and lighting.

Turning the giraffes head.

Loading them two by two.

Kids were encouraged to touch and climb everything.  Here was a special room for climbing.

Quinn had a great time in Noah's Ark.

On to the Paul Simon exhibit.  There was a special room set up where you could play along to Paul Simon's music.    This was Quinn's favorite part of the museum.

It was fun to re-mix some of Paul Simon's biggest hits.

There was a huge room full of his handwritten songs, memorabilia, and all sorts of other Paul Simon stuff.  It was a great new discovery!

24 August 2017

Our Fourth Grader

Today Quinn entered the 4th Grade!  Look at our handsome dude.

I have heard all good things about his teacher, Mrs. Carroll,  and he has a couple of friends in his class.    Mrs. Carroll told the kids that she used to be the scary and strict teacher but now she is the funny teacher.  They thought that was pretty funny!  Quinn really liked her.

His best buddy Hayden is in the class right next to his so they will get to see each other every day!

And the traditional first/last day of school Baskin Robbins.

And today Quinn got his 4th stripe on his blue belt which means he is ready to test for his next belt!  It was an overall great day!

23 August 2017

Solar Eclipse

We were part of the solar eclipse craziness.  I was running around on Sunday buying glasses off another mom from Facebook.  But it was all worth it!

There was an event at a local national park that turned out to be quite popular.  We had to park about 1 mile away but it was a beautiful day.  We went with one of Quinn's friends, his brother, and mom.

There was a board that said something like "How would you feel about the eclipse if you lived 1000 years ago?".  This was Quinn's response.

Putting the glasses to work.

You might have read on Facebook that our local NPR station, KCLU, was there reporting on a story.  Here's a little video of the interview with Lance Orozco from NPR.

Solar Eclipse with NPR from Amy white on Vimeo.

And here is the full story from NPR.  Quinn can be heard around minute 3:05.  Click HERE.  

It was a great location to watch the eclipse with so much positive energy.  People were sharing glasses and chatting with each other.  A fun event. 

After the eclipse my friend suggested we check out this indoor game store.  We ran across this poor fellow on the way there.

It was a fun filled afternoon of all the game you can play.  The boys had a great time and I was able to put together a 300 piece puzzle before we left.  

A memorable day!

22 August 2017

Last Day of Summer Laziness

18 August 2017

His Favorite Spot

16 August 2017

The Big Eddy

One of the highlights of our trip to Sun River was white water rafting down the Deschutes River.  

We were met in Sun River and took a bus to our starting point above Bend OR.  

Ready to go!  The last time Don and I went white water rafting we went without a guide and I was thrown from the boat which was a bit harrowing for me.  This time we were taking a guided trip.

Quinn insisted on getting an oar so that he could help paddle.

It was drop dead gorgeous.   Oregon perfection.

We started with a slow float down the river and the guide said that we could jump in if we wanted to.  Don cooling off.  The water was pretty cold.

Here's the brave crew.  Paul (Kristin's hubby). Curt, Don, Amy, Quinn, Judy, and Kristin.

And this guy thought he might like to go for a swim.  He got back in the raft pretty quickly.

We might have suggested he go again so I could get a video.

Deschutes Swim from Amy white on Vimeo.

Our guide, Owen, let Quinn be in charge for the first set of rapids.

We pulled out of the water and Owen walked us over to the rapids to explain how we were going to approach each set of rapids.

Photos from the official photographer.  

A look at the first set of Class III rapids.  Our guide told us we would go down sideways.

Here we come.  

All the pics from official photographer.

On the last set of rapids our guide suggested Quinn go down Rodeo style on the front of the boat holding on to the ropes.  Enough to make this mom nervous but Owen said it was safe.  And Quinn loved it!