26 October 2017

A Sweet Al Fresco Serenade

25 October 2017

The Sax Man

Quinn's practice tonight was to play short and long notes.  So far he knows about 5 different notes.  Love the way he taps his foot to count the beat.

Practicing the Sax from amy white on Vimeo.

19 October 2017

Our 4th Grade Dude

17 October 2017


Hello.  I'm a pumpkin.  My name is Barrel.  The farmers call me this because I can 
fit 72 pickles in me.  Nobody chooses me because I'm too big.  I'm five feet tall.  
I've been here for 20 years but I'm still healthy.  Maybe it's because of all the 
nutrients in the pickles.  Bye!

By Quinn White

15 October 2017

Reading All Morning

Sometimes I worry about the amount of screen time Quinn gets.  Other times he stays in bed on Saturday morning reading for 90 minutes.

14 October 2017

Fall Fun

We visited our local Underwood Farms with friends after school on Friday.  A great way to celebrate Fall, pumpkins, halloween, etc.  

As soon as Quinn got his entry stamp on his hand, he transferred it to his forehead.  "I have a farm on my forehead!"

These two probably spent 45 minutes having fun in the corn maze.  There is a huge haystack at the "finish".  Probably so you can climb it and find your missing kids inside the maze.  Quinn has a corn leaf neckerchief. 

And then they spent the next 45 minutes climbing around this train. 

Quinn with his friend Dan, his older brother, and his friend.  They were plucking the leaves to feed to the goats. 

12 October 2017

Quinn's Birthday Spankings

Quinn's TKD studio has a really fun(ny) way of celebrating birthdays.  Quinn brought in his special golden paddle for the occasion. 

Birthday TKD Style from amy white on Vimeo.

10 October 2017

Quinn is Ten

One last family birthday celebration for our double digit boy.  He is the bright light in our lives.   

09 October 2017

10th Birthday Party!

Quinn wanted to have a Nerf  birthday party at his taekwondo studio and it was a big hit with the boys.  We invited all the boys in his current class plus a handful of other friends.  

This was a bring-your-own-Nerf-gun party.  Master Ocampo setting the rules.  

Team Captain Quinn.  

Quinn's team for the first of many battles.  You can see Quinn's feet on his gun. 

After lots of battles they ended with a free-for-all battle. 

I'm not sure if he's playing referee or shooting.

Of course Quinn had to break a board.  His friends couldn't believe that he broke it, and on his first attempt.  One tough birthday ninja. 

The very motley crew.   I think all of the boys had fun between the tears of getting hit or getting out or whatever boys cry about.   It was quite the mixed bag of emotions. 

A Nerf battle must have a Nerf cake!

They were told to sing as loudly as they can....and did they ever!

Ten Year Old Wishes!

The boys were begging for more Nerf battles but instead Master Ocampo did a push up battle.   I think they got up in the 50s. 

Ten Years Old

This awesome kid is 10 years old today!  Unfortunately this is the biggest smile he could give me this morning because he was worried that he wouldn't have much time to code tonight.  

04 October 2017

Swim Team

Do you see Quinn?  2nd row, 6th from left.

01 October 2017

Wiakiki Going Home

This was our first trip to Oahu and we really enjoyed it.  It was a great spot for our long weekend away. 

Flying out of Oahu we flew right by Waikiki.  

Flying over Diamond Head you can see the crater.

As we hit the mainland we flew over the Channel Islands and then travelled down the 101 so I could see exactly where we were.  This is the intersection of 101 and 23 and our house is a little bit below the reservoir in the middle of the picture.

Waikiki Day 3

The highlight of the trip was going back out on the Manu Kai and snorkeling with the turtles.  

There is a natural turtle breeding ground not far off the shore where the turtles are plentiful.

There was a naturalist/photographer on board who pulled this octopus out of its hiding spot.  I don't think the octopus was very happy. 

The octopus was stuck on me. 

The following pictures were taken by the Manu Kai naturalist even though my watermark is on them.

Quinn did not want to get too close to the octopus. 

Back to my camera. 

I love this.  Quinn imitating a turtle?


On this trip was another Australian boy, Will,  who Quinn had met the previous day.  After the snorkeling they took turns belly flopping off the boat. 

Hanging out on the nets. 

We took a sail around Diamond Head before heading back to shore. 

Look at that gorgeous water.

On Saturday evening the main street was closed for a big party so we ventured out.  Check out this huge banyon tree.  

Lots and lots of people. 

 King Kamehameha statue, lei offerings, and sunset. 

Another great day in paradise.