Optical Allusions

07 March 2018

Quinn is always one of the last kids to leave his classroom.  Every day.  I don't know why. 

The other day it was taking him FOREVER so I went in to the classroom to see what was going on.  Quinn was doing a "magic trick" with his teacher Mrs. Carroll and a couple of boys.  They were all blown away!!  The boys couldn't believe their eyes. 

As we were leaving the classroom Mrs. Carroll said to Quinn "I am so happy that you are in my class this year.  Every day you bring something new and interesting to the class and I'm always learning from you".  Wow, makes a mama proud!!!  And of course we agree 1000% percent.

So what was the magic trick?  Close your left eye.  Look at this straight on staring at the numbers on the left.  Move your face closer (about a foot away) and the black dot on the right will disappear.  Right?  Wow!

I think what impressed Mrs. Carroll was not only the magic trick but that Quinn explained the science behind it.  See, you have a blind spot in your eyes where there are no rods and cones  so the image doesn't stimulate your retina, blah blah blah.  Yes, he explained it much better than I.

This kid never ceases to amaze us!

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