Easter Egg Hunt with Grandpa & Grandma

24 April 2018

{I am a bit behind on my blogging but will try and get you caught up with pictures and stories}

We were lucky to get to spend a couple of days with Grandpa Corky and Grandma Meg before Easter.   They just wanted to hang out and relax so we enjoyed swimming in the pool, going out to dinner, etc. 

Because I was going to be gone on Easter morning, we decided to set up a bit of a scavenger Easter egg hunt for Quinn on Friday morning.  How ironic that he decided to wear his Christmas pajamas the night before.

We put the first egg right outside his door and it said something like "Grandma Meg called and asked I could visit a couple of days early.  See Grandma Meg for your first clue. Signed EB".    It took Quinn probably 30 minutes once he came downstairs to bring this up with Meg.  Funny kid. 

But then it was off to the races.

"I'm green, have 2 wheels, and your dad really loves me."

Upstairs, downstairs....

...through the doggy door!

Every time he got a clue, he yelled "Easta la Vista" and went running off.  "Easta la Vista" was his play on "Hasta La Vista" which is spanish for "see you later". 

His Easter basket was in his swinging chair in his nook. 

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