31 July 2018

Around Here

Sunday Morning Males.

Blood Moon Prank.

King Tut at the California Science Center.

School supply shopping.

Target Aisle E-22.  Nerf guns. 

20 July 2018

Santa Barbara

On Sunday we drove up to Santa Barbara for lunch on the pier, a visit to the little aquarium, and a stroll through the art vendors.  A beautiful day to enjoy Santa Barbara.  

Oyster Shooters.

19 July 2018

Band Camp

Quinn has participated in Band Camp every morning for the last two weeks. He liked it...he didn't love it.  But he went with a smile.  

His favorite part of camp was an extra Jazz Improv session after camp on Mondays and Wednesdays for 1 hour.  He LOVED Jazz Improv.  I went early a couple of days to hear the improv and on both days they were jamming with their Boomwackers.  This video is 14 seconds of fun!

Band Camp Jammy Jam from amy white on Vimeo.

The camp culminated with a short concert on Thursday.  Here's our cool dude with his mentor Kingsley who helped him out with the sax all week. 

Here's the Level I band performing.  I love this picture because I captured his school band leader, Ms. Jeanine, looking on proudly on the side.  Ms. Jeanine runs the camp that had about 50 kids this session.

A small ensemble playing a Tropical Calypso. 

I thought this was their best song -- here's a clip of the kids playing Magellan. 

Band Camp Magellan from amy white on Vimeo.

Quinn giving us a look.  

Happy to have Mae here to cheer him on. 

14 July 2018

The Paradox

On our way to pick up Mae from the airport I was listening to an NPR podcost about the Fermi Paradox. 

The Fermi paradox, or Fermi's paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi, is the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

I noticed in the backseat that Quinn had put down his iPad and was staring out the window.  He was listening to the podcast.    (We were sitting in stopped traffic on the 101.)

After the podcast was over, we talked about it a little bit and he believes that there is life out there and that anything is possible in our universe.   On the podcast they were talking about Drake's Equation which determines the probability of extraterrestrials but Quinn had already read about that in one of his books.  This kid!

Speaking of this kid.  He and a band camp counselor, Kingsley, coincidentally wore the same color shirt for the first three days of band camp.  Blue, Red, Green.  On day 4 Kingsley said he was going to wear a tie dyed shirt even though he wasn't going to be at camp that day.  Quinn still chose to coordinate...

On Friday Kingsley planned to wear a beach shirt.  Although Quinn wasn't going to camp on Friday he chose....

This is a shirt I got for a trip to Hawaii several years ago that Quinn refused to wear.  Dang.

12 July 2018

Seven Eleven

Did you get your free Slurpee?

10 July 2018

Dog Days of Summer

We had quite a heat wave over the weekend.    You can see our temps on Friday at noon.  Wow!

And I looked out the back door to see this one baking in the sun.   I found it almost too hot to even walk outside. 

When it gets really hot and dry, our pool tends to attract alot of creatures.  I happened to see a California Roadrunner run through our yard and hop up on the fence.   

We have also seen bats swoop through the pool periodically throughout the day to get a sip of water.  We usually see them at sundown but the heat has them out during the day.

Just hanging out...

Quinn started Band Camp on Monday at a local high school.  So far the reviews are mixed.

06 July 2018

STJ: Top 10

We went to STJ this year knowing it would be different and we also wanted to have some new island experiences.  It was different but it was also the same STJ that we love. 

One thing that made this visit even better was that Quinn was having so much fun and kept saying how much he loved STJ.  I think it's in his blood now.

Quinn's Top 10 Vacation Moments:

1 -- Scuba Diving -- in fact Quinn wants to get his scuba certification.

(the remaining 9 in no particular order)

2 -- Cannonball off of Island Roots Boat

3 -- Creating Fishville

4 -- Columbo's Smoothie (made by 5th grade Science Teacher) -- no free rum for Q

5 -- Pizza Pi Boat

6 -- Hat Overboard on Bad Kitty

7 -- Killing Lion Fish

8 -- Capture the Flag with Dad in pool/Family Pool Time

9 -- Skipping Stones at Maho

10 -- Seeing turtles

And my favorite picture from the week:

05 July 2018

STJ: Going Home

All good things must come to an end.

STJ: Day 11

Our last day on STJ and we spent our day at Maho Bay.  

02 July 2018

STJ: Day 10

Today after a slow, island-time start we made our way to Francis Bay.

In previous years we wouldn't go to Francis often because of the lack of shade.  But now all the beaches lack shade so off to Francis we went...with umbrellas.

We had a great snorkel and enjoyed our relaxing beach time.

10 STJ 2018 1 from amy white on Vimeo.

STJ: Day 9

We believe this is our 10th trip to STJ, 6th for Quinn.

We knew it would be a different experience because of the hurricanes but we also wanted to see and do new things.  So we chartered a boat to take us to snorkeling spots that you can't reach by foot. 

A couple of the snorkels were a bit challenging but Quinn was a champ and had no problem.  All those swim practices paying off.

Quinn's foot was cramping by the 2nd snorkel and had to take off one fin.  It turns our that we were the same size fins these days and he fits in mine. 

It was a great day!

9 STJ 2018 1 from amy white on Vimeo.

01 July 2018

STJ: Day 8

We spent the day at our favorite beach -- Maho Bay.   

We had a great day watching the turtles, checking to see what is in every conch shell, and building an underwater rock sculpture called FishVille.

8 day stj from amy white on Vimeo.