18 September 2018

Nacho Dinner

The other day Quinn asked if he and his dad could make nachos because they make the best nachos ever.  So Sunday night dinner was decided.

Don is a true believer in more is better so look at this pile of yummy nachos. 

17 September 2018

Family Life

This is what we've been  up to lately.

Crows fly west every morning at sunrise. 

Spending most of the day in the pool with Dan on a day off of school.  

The best pillow ever.

Reading before school.

Celebrating Don's birthday with lunch on the Malibu Pier. 

Off to school good byes. 

Friday hikes with my girl Amy. 

16 September 2018

5th Grade Goals

I was so proud of Quinn for the amount of time and care he put in to this assignment.  He created that 'stained glass' look in his self portrait.  

And these goals?  Wow!  This kid never ceases to amaze us.  Lexile is the way the school tests their reading level.  Right now Quinn is reading at a 10th grade level. 

15 September 2018

Third Degree Red Belt

Quinn tested for his 3rd degree red belt on Wednesday which happened to be Don's birthday. 

All the kids that tested for either 2nd or 3rd degree red belts. 

Belt presentation on Friday night.  Master Stolsig giving Quinn his new shiny belt. 

Do your best move.  Not spectacular. 

SO VERY PROUD OF OUR DUDE!!!!  He had the best testing scores he's ever had and was the most prepared he's been for any belt testing.  And look at that fierce face.    Next up BLACK BELT!!!  They only do black belt testing twice a year in May and November.  So if he doesn't test this November he will test in May.  TBD

09 September 2018

School Life

Each school year seems to get off to a rough start.  A little more homework that is a little bit harder.   The rule is 10 minutes of homework times the grade so 5th grade equals 50 minutes of homework.  Ugh!

Here's a a sample of their geography terms.  I love Quinn's drawings.   For island you can see that he wrote "real island".  This is St. John :)

This year Quinn needed a 3 inch 3-ring binder and so I got him one that is in a zip up case with lots of pockets and things for staying organized.   I commented to Quinn that he is keeping his binder really neat and organized.  He sighed and said "Mrs. Young makes me keep it neat".  

His teacher is great about communicating with the parents.  A letter comes home every Friday and we also receive an email summary every Friday.  

At the beginning of the year my school lunch game is pretty good.  Quinn loves these PB&J "sushi" roll ups.  I flatten a piece of bread with a rolling pin to make these.

03 September 2018

Wildlife Preserve

Over Labor Day weekend we checked out a new-to-us Wildlife Preserve.

Our first bird spotting was an Osprey.  Although we couldn't tell what it was until I brought this photo into the computer and really cropped it. 

A big pack of osprey hanging out under the tree.  And a brownish egret on the right side. 

It was kind of a pretty place but it was in a sketchy area.   Lots of trash and signs of homeless people living there. 

02 September 2018

Funky Time

A couple of months ago Don and I wandered into a local winery and were blown away by a band called The Brandon Ragan Project.  Their music and their style were super funky and cool.  And Brandon Ragan happens to play the sax.  We knew Quinn would love them.

On Saturday night they were playing at another local winery and their set was from 6:30 - 9:30 pm.  I called ahead to make sure we could take Quinn and the winery gave us a big thumbs up. 

Getting ready to perform. 

The lead guitarist Gemi gave Quinn a little performance.  Gemi's nickname is Master Phonk and he is Funky!

Quinn was snapping his fingers and tapping his feet.  After every song he would tell me that they played that song on a 4 beat and the drummer was on every second beat, etc, etc. 

They finished their first set around 7:15 pm so that's when we took our minor out of there.  Brandon was kind enough do a photo with Quinn.   Quinn loved the performance!