My Beautiful Mother

06 December 2018

My Beautiful Mother

She is the wind that lifts me up to the sky.
The very breath that I take each day.
The morning sun shining down on me.
The evening moonlight watching over me.
My northern star, shining brightly and guiding my way.

The sound of her voice eases my mind.
The touch of her hand warms my soul.
Her smile, making each day a little bit brighter,
Her laugh, shared with friends that have walked beside her.

She was my first love.
My everything.
My World.

The reason why I push on every day of my life.
Pressing myself to be better.
Living each day to the fullest.
Just as she does.
She's the life that is mine.
The rhythm of my heartbeat.
The core of my soul.

She is the one who is my biggest cheerleader.
She is the one who pulls me up when I am down.
She is the one who takes all of my worries away.
She brightens my day.
She is like no other.
She is my one, she is my only.
My Beautiful Mother.

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