31 March 2019

A Boy and His Dog

29 March 2019

Sick Week

Quinn had a low grade temperature all week and wasn't feeling great so he had a stay at home week. 

His buddy Dan was sick on Monday and Dan's mom works so he spent the day with us. 

These two enjoyed their day together.

This is what Quinn's temp looked like most of the week.  Hovering around 100.  I took him to the doctor on Wednesday and she thought he looked good and could return to school but Thursday morning his temp was 100 again. 

All the 5th graders do an oratorical which is a 1 - 3 minute story telling.  They can recite a poem, part of a longer story, a speech, or make something up themselves.  Quinn has decided on Fox in Socks by Dr. Suess.  It's quite a tongue twister but Quinn has it down -- now he's working on adding some style to his story. 

On Thursday we finally made it out of the house for some sunshine and fresh air!

I have been in touch with Quinn's teacher and writing his assignments each day.  Since he will be out for 5 days he can apply for Independent Study and his absences won't count. 

Odyssey of the Mind State Tournament

The State Tournament for Odyssey of the Mind is so fun because the team gets to spend the weekend together in a hotel!

It all starts with early dismissal for the team at noon.   Ready to go!

We took Dan with us this year. 

We had a car sick kid so we made a pit stop at Target.  A little walking around and 3 cans of silly string later we got back in the car.

It was only about 65 degrees out but the pool was warm and the kids swam for a couple of hours. 

When Quinn got out of the pool he was much colder than the other kids so we got him a warm shower and some pizza with the team.  But something was not right so we went up to the room and Don went to CVS to get a thermometer and every cold medication he could find.

Quinn's temp was 104.8!!!  He was out.

The next morning Quinn felt better and his temp was down to 100.3.  He was determined to participate.

Coach Juli arranged it so Quinn could arrive at the last minute.   The kids did their long performance and it was the best I had seem them perform.   (I can't post any performance pictures yet.)

Quinn was still feeling ok so we hung out with the team for a while and had lunch.  At the end of lunch he came over and asked if he could go back to the hotel.   Don went to get the car and I walked with Quinn.  Quinn started feeling really bad and lost his lunch in the bushes.  Poor kid!  We spent the rest of the day chilling in the hotel.

I went back by myself to the awards ceremony.    Their category was first and they came in 3rd place!  They were so happy.  So proud of these kids.

Quinn's medal. 

On Friday the team presented their trophy to their principal Dr. Sellers.  Quinn was out sick the whole week but we wouldn't miss this. 

Into the trophy case it goes with all the other Odyssey trophies. 

The team was recognized during the March Pep Rally!

15 March 2019


Don and I are doing the Conejo Open Space Hike Challenge again this year and went on our first hike. 

With all the rain we've had the wildflowers are really blooming!

Lupins.  My Grandmother Cantelo's favorite.  You can find them all over Prince Edward Island. 

A bench with a view. 

Don at the top of the hill getting a geocache.  Sonic doesn't like it when his pack is broken up so he was running between Don and I (Quinn was in Odyssey). 

Quinn and his best buddy after school. 

Quinn has discovered that he loves a Tofu Scramble.

Morning hike with Sonic.  This tree was charred by the fires but is now covered with new green growth!

Green as far as the eye can see! 

Quinn made himself an after school Magic Banana (sliced banana with chocolate sauce and whipped cream).    The rule in this house is that Sonic always gets a little piece of the banana. 

Quinn hanging out on his swing. 

14 March 2019


We are occasionally visited by hawks in the back yard.  I think they hunt in the open space behind our house so they like to sit on the fence.

These pics aren't the best because I had to really crop them.  You can see the hawk has something bloody in it's left claw. 

Here's the zoomed out image from above.

Then it took off.    Don and I were standing in the family room looking out the window. 

And then it flew right towards the window and veered off at the last moment.  We could hear it screech as it approached.   I wish I had better focus but it was quite the surprise!

04 March 2019

Around Here

It's still raining and getting greener and greener!  Gotta take my buddy on a hike. 

The 5th Graders get all the fun stuff!  Ice Cream Sundae Party!

Quinn's teacher told us that one day she looked over at him in the classroom and Quinn had his feet behind his ears.   Awesome!

I loved the bag Quinn made to collect his classmates Valentine's.

As seen in the In-n-Out parking lot. 

Poor California!  I read that it never reached 70 degrees in February and was the coldest February in 130+ years.  Well if it snowed/sleeted/hailed in Thousand Oaks, it's probably true!

One of the school's biggest fundraisers of the year is the Jog-a-thon!

The best part, according to Quinn, is the popsicle. 

The many uses of magnifying glasses.    The matches have since been hidden but I won't share that story. 

A Quinn made sandwich.  Ham, shredded cheese, bread and butter pickles, mayo and ketchup.  Yummy, or not.