30 April 2019

Yosemite: Days 3 and 4

Saturday morning we biked about 3 miles to Mirror Lake and then hiked in about a mile.  It was a cloudy day with rain in the forecast.  We had to tuck under a tree for a little bit to let some rain pass but we stayed pretty dry.  

I talked the guys into going out to this rock so I could get a pic.

A close-up of the guys on the rocks. 

And zooming out.  They did quite a bit of climbing. 

Sweet mother and daughter. 

They do call it mirror lake!

 After  the lake we biked back towards Yosemite Village and checked out some bridges and Mercer River that runs through the valley. 

Yosemite Falls in the background. 

Then we went back to our little cabin in the woods.  It served the purpose.  It could have been a little bit bigger but it was clean and had all the basics.  

And a view of the falls out our backdoor -- they stair step from right to left down the mountain. 

The stream from the waterfall ran right through the cabin area.  Quinn found a group of boys to hang out with all afternoon chasing sticks down the stream.

On Day 4 we biked to the Mist Trail.  Everything we read about this trail was that it was steep but only .8 miles.  We hike in Cali all the time so piece of cake, right?

You need to have a walking stick.   (We biked home after every hike so the kids had to leave their freshly whittled walking sticks behind.)

This is really zoomed in on Quinn on top of this tall rock. 

And zoomed out.  Mr. Red Pants off in the distance. 

I don't think birds are supposed to have Dorito's.

On our way up the trail.  It was really really steep.  We may have stopped ALOT on the way up. 

Almost to the top.  But Quinn was shutting down because of the height and sheer drop offs. 

Quinn has a whole body response to heights and he tends to shut down.  But then he went and climbed to the top of this huge rock to decompress.  I don't get it but it works for him. 

Don, Amy, and Carl continued to the next stop in the falls while I stayed with the kids.  Here are Don's pics from a higher point.

Finally it was time to start back down.  Quinn was able to speak again. 

There were amazing waterfalls around every corner.  So beautiful!

Back at the bottom and getting ready to bike home. 

The biking trail was only used by the Park busses so it was a great, flat, car free path.  I wish I could bottle up the smell of the earth and pines and fresh air.  It smelled so good. 

This was on the other side of our cabins in Half Dome Village. 

That's Half Dome in the background with clouds hovering over it. 

Lots of birds zooming around the meadow. 

I was hoping for some dramatic light on Half Dome but the clouds moved in.  It was still quite lovely. 

 A beautiful end to our 4 days in Yosemite! 

27 April 2019

Yosemite: Days 1 - 2

We made our first visit to Yosemite over Spring Break.  We drove up on Thursday afternoon and stayed at a hotel about an hour outside the park.    At one point on our drive we had the sun setting on one side of us and a full moon on the other.  What a beautiful sight.  

This was our second year spending Spring Break with the Conrath's in a beautiful California location. 

Our first stop was Mariposa Grove, home to the Giant Sequoias. 

Although it was well in to the 70's, there was still snow on the ground and you better believe that the kids found it. 

The Conrath's brought some walkie-talkies as cell reception is not very good. 

The Grizzly Giant -- one of the largest trees in the world. 

Quinn jumping in front of my picture taking!

The gang in front of the tunnel tree. 

Tunnel View is a classic look at Yosemite and was quite impressive. 

This girl pulled out her drawing pad and pencil. 

 The Amy's. 

We were staying about 2 miles from each other in the park so we got our families settled, had some lunch, and then went on a short hike to Lower Yosemite Falls. 

The spray from the falls along with the wind would get you soaked but this kid volunteered to take my phone and get a selfie.