29 June 2019

Summer Fun

Summer just started and we are having fun!

Quinn took a week of ID Tech Camp at CLU and he loved it so much that he asked me to sign him up for another week.  He will take that week in August with his buddy Elias.

This week of camp he built his own laptop PiTop computer and learned how to code it.  And he got to bring his new computer home.

His laptop connected to a robot.   The goal was to make the eyes light up.

After camp on Friday we went to Sub Zero to get some nitrogen frozen ice cream and Quinn also got some Dragon's Breath

These two cuties having fun!

Quinn made the funniest joke when seeing this sign....

He said "well, there goes my Saturday night plans".  This kid is so funny!!

We were invited to a birthday beach party for one of Quinn's friends.  The lifeguard told us that it was the first day in weeks where the beach wasn't socked in with June Gloom.

There were about 15 boys out there pushing their limits in the ocean and they were in the ocean 95% of the day.

A lifeguard was standing on the beach most of the day keeping their eyes on this crew.  They called them in a couple of times to talk to them about the rip tide and telling them how far they could go out. 

Luke, the birthday boy asked for a beach day with his friends and donuts!  What a spectacular day.

27 June 2019

Day at the Dog Beach

My goal over the summer is to get Sonic out of the house at least once a day with a walk, a hike, a trip to the dog park, or a trip to the beach. 

Quinn was pretty enthusiastic about a trip to the dog beach.  Our closest official off-leash dog beach is about an hour away in Santa Barbara so off we went on a June Gloom day.

My two happy boys!

It was great to see so many friendly, happy dogs for Sonic to play with.  

This little dog came running towards us with a huge stick in his mouth.  He sat down right next to Quinn for some love. 

Our water dog!

18 June 2019

Father and Son

Time with Grandpa Cork & Grandma Meg

Corky and Meg travelled back to California from Portland and stayed with us for the better part of the week.  

Don and I had a night out while Quinn stayed home with his Grandpa and Grandma.  Quinn and Meg came up with a game that they played for quite some time.  I hear Meg call it Pancakes and Blueberries.  

The gang.  Quinn was waiting for a friend to come over to go swimming. 

 Corky and Meg spent the weekend with her son Nate and then we met up with them on Sunday at Venice Beach.  After lunch we walked over to the Venice Canals. 

17 June 2019

Portland Weekend

The Saturday after school let out we made a trip to Portland for the memorial service for Don's cousin Casey.

We now have quite a few branches of both of our families in Portland.

Upon arrival we met up with Don's Uncle Bill and Aunt Pat.  It was great catching up with them.

We rented a house in downtown Portland so that we could also stay with Corky & Meg.  It was in a great, funky little area in SE Portland.  Saturday night we had dinner with the immediate family.

Sunday we headed out to Mt. Tabor for a walk in the wilderness in the middle of the city.

Sunday evening was the service.  It was great to see everyone and spend time together remembering Casey who was so full of life.  I had been working with the family for weeks to create a photo slideshow that would run during the service.   It's about 10 minutes long. 

On Monday we headed over to Ross's house.  They just moved in about a week ago.  We got to spend about 24 hours with the Cantelo Family before heading home. 

16 June 2019

Finishing off May with Mae

No trip to SoCal is complete without lunch at Malibu Seafood and a drive up the PCH.

We drove up to the little Dutch town of Solvang and had lunch, did a little wine tasting, and then visited this....

You could buy food to feed the ostriches and they gave you a bowl with a handle.  The ostriches were pretty aggressive and tried to grab the bowl.

This guy tried to give Quinn a peck on the head.

And the more gentle emus.

 And then some pool time with the buddy.

This is a version of the cannonball called the MANONBALL!  Commence tsunami.

15 June 2019

World's Largest Gummy Worm

Quinn has been bugging me to buy him the World's Largest Gummy Worm.  I've been adamantly saying NO!!!!

Then he said "What if I give you one Yes day?".  A 'Yes Day' is a day where he would answer all my questions with a Yes and do whatever I ask.  Like go take a shower.  

One yes day wasn't sufficient so he offered a yes week.  And then 2 yes weeks.  I finally agreed to the World's Largest Gummy Worm when he offered me a Yes Month.  

He was pretty happy!

And then to confirm that we are the world's worst parents, this will be posted at his school all next year for the incoming 5th graders to see.    Each 5th grader picks a subject with a Right and a Responsibility.  Quinn's friends thought the worm was photoshopped.  I have to say it's pretty epic.  

14 June 2019

All District Band Concert

Quinn had a big day with We the People during school hours and then the All District Band Concert that evening.

We need to put that awesome orange tie to good use. 

Quinn and his buddy Dan.

The Lang Ranch Band. 

Quinn is in there somewhere.  It was a great night of music.

Finishing 5th Grade (and Elementary School)

The countdown to the last days of Elementary School.  

First up Presidential Award.  The award is given to 5th graders who maintain a 3.5 GPA and above and score above a certain level on state assessment tests.  Quinn is taller than his principal Dr. Sellers.  

Next is  Field Day.    The gang is together.  

At the end of Field Day it's all about getting soaking wet!  Here they are getting sprayed by teachers and parents. 

The night before the last day of school they have their official culmination.   Each class sings a different song and then the teacher gives them some final advice.  You can see Quinn caught my eye. 

Each student walks across the stage.

Quinn and Mrs. Young.  What a fantastic way to end his 5th year of elementary school!

The last day of school.  Do you think this kid is happy?

All (or most) the 5th Graders wear their special 5th grade culmination shirts.

The final pep rally!  Hello 5th graders.  I can remember when Quinn was in 1st Grade and seeing the GIANT 5th graders in their special shirts.  Well, now we have the giant 5th grader. 

And the Lang Ranch tradition is for the kids to make a "tunnel" for the 5th graders to walk through.  It's more like a High-5 pathway. 

By the time they get to the kindergarden section, the are towering over the kids. 

The 5th Graders get a special pizza party on the last day of school.  Quinn asked everyone to sign his YearBack. 

Walking out of the gates of Lang Ranch for the last time.  Wahhhhh!

But there is more fun to come.  Some parents organized a private party at a local community center for the entire 5th grade class.  I made sure Quinn had a sporty, casual outfit.  He looks so good!

It was a Hollywood themed party with a red carpet and big Hollywood-style Lang Ranch sign for paparazzi photos.  My friend Amy created that amazing backdrop. 

And there you have it.  Our 5th grader is officially a middle schooler. 

On to summer vacation and sleeping until noon.  It's Summer Bitches!!!!