29 March 2020

This Week

Continuing with distant learning.  Quinn signs in to his google classroom to see his assignments.  I frequently make him a morning smoothie that includes riced cauliflower, pineapples, mango, banana, protein powder, flax seeds, coconut butter, and almond milk.  So delicious and it fills his belly.

Our daily movement.  Waving down to Don hard at work in the office.

On the trails.

Quinn was once stung by a bee and it really hurt so he avoids them at all cost.  He saw a bee on the trail so ran back to the trailhead to wait for me.  In order to protect his pack, Sonic runs back and forth between the two of us to make sure we are ok.

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.  We made it with Almond Flour and it was so delicious.  It lasted less than 24 hours before disappearing.

Exhausted from all the walks but he loves having us all home.  Snuggling with Quinn's green blankee.  

26 March 2020

Daily Life in Corona Virus Times

I can't say that we fill our days, but our days are full.

On Mondays Quinn's Odyssey team usually meets during lunch at school to practice so Coach Juli continued the Monday tradition.    They used a paper plate and a pair of scissors to create something and then describe it in many different ways.  

They had so much fun.   I loved hearing them all together. 

Quinn is learning how to clean his room and his bathroom. 

Quinn's TKD studio has started Zoom classes.  A great way for Quinn to move his body and connect with his Masters and friends. 

A little ping pong for PE today.  Quinn tried out his Darth Maul paddles.  I still crushed him. 

And tuba tuba every day.  He breaks it into three 10 minutes sessions. 

On Thursday Quinn had his first Zoom class with his Math/Science teacher.  It was just to dip their toes in and get them going.  He has had assignments all week, although it only takes him about 1 - 2 hours of work. 

His science assignment was to visit the Smithsonian Natural History Museum via computer and write a paragraph about it.  He saw that he could do it with his virtual reality headset.  How cool is that?  We all took a turn and loved it.

With the sun setting later Don and I are able to get out for a hike after he finishes work.  Love this place. 

24 March 2020

Ceanothus Trail

Another day, another hike.   We went on our 6th of the required 10 hikes for the Open Space Challenge.  Today we picked the Ceanothus Trail, which was new for us.  Alot of people were out social distancing but very few people on this trail.

We (as in Don) found 3 geocaches along the trail.  This one wasn't a simple grab and log. 

Quinn enjoyed rolling big rocks down the trail to see how far they would go.   This is a look back towards Thousand Oaks and beyond. 

23 March 2020

Science with Eggs

I had seen this cool experiment where you put eggs in a glass of vinegar and Quinn thought it would be a fun experiment.    I was a little concerned about using eggs right now so we limited it to 3 eggs.  

You can't really tell but they are covered in tiny bubbles. 

24 hours later the eggshell has dissolved and the eggs are rubbery. 

Quinn thought it would be fun to see if it bounces. 

SPLAT!  So we are going to give them another 24 hours to see if we can get some bouncy eggs. 

22 March 2020

Hiking Lake Eleanor

We pulled ourselves out of hybernation and went on a hike from the local challenge.  Since Quinn was going with us we picked an "easy" one.  Ha!  He didn't think it was too easy.

There were a couple of climbs but it wasn't too bad. 

A view to Lake Eleanor. 

And looking the other way. 

Heading home.  What a beautiful spot on a beautiful day. 

21 March 2020

Hibernation Update

The hummingbirds have been going extra crazy lately and Don has had to refill the feeders every couple of days.  We frequently see multiple hummingbirds on a feeder at one.  I was able to capture 4 with my iPhone. 

We are all getting in some movement every day.  We are able to get in a 2 mile hike after Don finishes work and before the sun sets.  What's not to like about this.

A little Corona Virus can't stop the rum club!!  

The guys even added a new member.  Virtual rum club.  Steve, Carl, Chris, and Don.  What a fun bunch of dudes. 

18 March 2020

First Days of Staying at Home

Monday was already a prescheduled school holiday so today felt like the first day of the "lockdown".   Quinn picked out some books to read while stuck at home.  

The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  

His class read the condensed version of Odyssey in school and Quinn wanted to read the full thing.  How about a graphic novel version!

And The Iliad. 

I have a feeling we (as in me) are going to come out of this with an unneeded extra 15 pounds.  Making turtle brownies. 

Doing some reading while the brownies cook.   I might be fatter but I will also be more well read.  

A nice walkabout with Sonic before the next rainstorm.  

And lots of on-line friend time playing games.  I'm glad they are able to stay connected this way.  I love hearing all the non-stop giggling. 

Poor guy hasn't been walked much because of all the rain. 

And some of our prepper food.  I hope it never gets to this but we are prepared. 

17 March 2020

Tarantula Hill

We have been getting alot of rain here recently so the trails are closed to hikers.  Hiking on muddy trails ruins them. 

But there is a paved path that goes up to the top of Tarantula Hill.  It's a short uphill walk but with a great view at the top.

Our pensive one. 

Amy and Quinn bombed this picture. 

Cactus along the way. 

And our way back down. 

After a rousing game of Sequence we hung out with a roaring fire.  Strange time in sunny SoCal with cold, wet days and being hunkered down.