30 April 2020

Evening Sapwi Stroll

After Don finished work we went to my favorite park, Sapwi, for a evening hike.  It did not disappoint.  

These yellow mustard flowers add such beautiful color but they are an invasive species in California.  Why are they so bad:   According to the California Invasive Plant Council, this mustard produces allelopthic chemicals that prevent the germination of native plants. Additionally, fields of mustard transform native habitats into annual grasslands which can increase the frequency of fires in chaparral and coastal sage scrub.

And my favorite spot in the park.  Maybe the best place to watch the sunset (other than the beach).

26 April 2020

FunDay Sunday

Family Pool Party!  The water is 90 degrees which feels warm at first but then you can stay in for hours without getting cold.

We pulled out the water balloons for some fun.  

Don and I were in the pool on Saturday and Sonic kept walking near the beach entry.  I could tell he was waiting for an invitation.  As soon as I invited him he was in. 

But Sonic doesn't like the water balloons exploding on the wall behind him, hence the concerned face. 

They call this one a Manonball.  The goal is to create a tsunami. 

In a rubbermaid bin full of water above the water surface. 

We love our family pool parties!

Quarantine Life

Life is different these days.  Sometimes good, sometimes not great.

Going for a weekend hike on the trails behind our house.

Enjoying lunch on the patio with a book.

Fire, Sonic, Green blanket.  The best morning routine.

Sonic and green blanket heading to bed.  

Hike at a local park that has remained open.

Don was tired of the beard.  I love that he took these pictures and shared them with me.

Learning in comfort.  

We got a blast of warm weather and our air conditioner broke so we plan to spend the weekend in the pool. 

I set up this shady spot for reading.

At least trying to read.  

09 April 2020


When Quinn gets a snack of apples and almond butter, this good boy always gets the last one loaded with almond butter.

Smile for the camera.  

It has been cool and rainy here and we are getting alot of use from our fireplace.  Quinn like to cozy up in the morning and work on his schoolwork.  

 Quinn thought it would be fun to hide a treat under a cup, move the cups around, and see if Sonic would pick the right cub.  Sonic just knocked them all over!

It's like Sonic has never seen me use a vacuum before.  Ha!  Actually it's a new vacuum so it's new and scary to him. 

04 April 2020

Things are Changing Here

You may notice that the blog has had a face lift.  More changes to come.

In the meantime enjoy a boy, a dog, and a virtual tuba lesson.

01 April 2020

Around the House

Around the house these days....

Quinn's face print on the back door.  

 I'm working on a gluten free week for Quinn to see if it clears up some patches of eczema.    Gluten is his favorite food group so I gotta make it tasty.  Today I made Pumpkin Bread smeared with cashew butter and drizzled with honey.  It is so very good and is a great light lunch or snack. 

We got a bunch of new games including this fun game called Ticket to Ride.   Lots to learn in the beginning but super fun to play.  Quinn is quite good so it's pretty competitive.    We play during lunch or after dinner.

Don getting ready to start his work day.  He's a little more dressed up than usual because he has board meetings.  But he has quite a set up.