15 May 2020

Mother's Day and 20 Years!

We had a quiet day at home for Mother's Day.  We ordered PF Chang's for dinner.  A good day with my guys.

And then 3 days later Don and I celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I never would have imagined celebrating in quarantine but we made the best of it.  Don had a busy work day on Wednesday but we finished off the day with a little champagne, dinner from a fancy restaurant, and a float in the pool.  Love my guy.

Don took off work on Thursday.  We had a good day with a hike, float in the pool, and Super Mario Brothers.  

We went on a flat hikea since it was warm out and I think everyone else had the same idea.  About a mile in you can take a trail down to a stream which Sonic always enjoys.  But there were so many people down there.  We had our masks in our pockets just in case and Quinn put his on.  

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