07 August 2010

Aqua Boy

As you might guess, we are spending alot of time at the pool this summer. Although Quinn at times enjoys the kiddie pool, he would much prefer to go to the "big pool". He can stand in a big portion of the pool and there is a horseshoe area with steps that is about 3 feet deep where Quinn, and every other kid, likes to play.

Quinn and I met a group of moms and babes at the pool on Friday and Quinn spontaneously went underwater. I think he saw some other kids doing it and thought he would give it a try. I was pretty darned impressed. The best part was how proud he was of himself. I did it, I did it! he said. Lots of high fives were exchanged.

Don and I went back to the pool today and Quinn was kind enough to perform again on camera.

I did a freeze frame from the video so you could see our little man under water. I love it that he has his eyes open and is looking directly at the camera.

And here's Don and Quinn having a moment just before Quinn crashed for a late afternoon nap in Don's arms.

Life is good :)

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