15 August 2010

The Bronx Zoo

Mae (Barbara) is here visiting and on Friday we went to the Bronx Zoo. It was a beautiful, coolish day and the zoo wasn't too crowded. The last time we visited the zoo, the monorail that runs through the Asian Wild was closed so we bee-lined straight to the monorail.

Mae brought along some goodies for Quinn and what better place than to enjoy Animal Crackers.

Quinn was using his binoculars to see all of the animals. Who knew that Asia has so many different kinds of dear?

Don and Quinn checking out the Lion Pride. In January, three lions cubs were born. It's pretty rare for lions to have triplets. We could see them in the distance but they were all taking a nap. Shhhh!

After lunch, Mae took Quinn for a ride on the Bug Carousel. They were lucky to get Quinn's choice in bugs -- the grasshopper! I think they are having a good time. Quinn would have liked to ride this carousel over and over and over...

Then it was on to Dora & Diego's 4-D Adventure Movie! The 4th dimension is spraying water, wind, and rumbling seats. This was Quinn's first time in a movie theater and asked to leave as soon as the lights went out. But then Dora & Diego reeled him in. He left off his glasses for all of the movie, but this was another zoo exhibit that he asked to do again.

Then it was on to the Children's Zoo. There is lots of kid friendly stuff for the kids to jump on, touch, tunnel through, etc. Here's Don and Quinn at the petting zoo. In this picture Quinn is asking for something. He thinks it will help his cause if he rubs your head while asking :)

Up close and personal with a chicken.

The Butterfly House was full of amazing and beautiful butterflies. This is a Zebra Swallowtail.

We also saw a Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly that had escaped from the Butterfly House ;)

And check out this cute little bumblebee! Adorable!

What a great day! The Bronx Zoo is in such a natural setting right in the heart of NYC. We were happy to share the experience with Mae.

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