10 August 2010

D. I. Y. Q.

Yes, Quinn has a new nickname - DIYQ. Do-It-Yourself-Quinn. He has been this way for quite some time now but we just officially put a name to it. 'I do, I do' is what we hear all the time. Yesterday Quinn was helping me make crepe batter with the blender and I took the top of the blender. The result was "I take {{wahhhh}} top off {{wahhhhh}}" and then a total meltdown with a puddle of tears. Now repeat this five times a day. What I really love is when I 'accidentally' do something, like take his juice bottle out of the fridge, and he wanted to do it himself. He will take the bottle, put it back in the fridge, close the door, and start from the beginning so he can do it all himself. It's pretty humorous. And how do we handle these precious moments? With a long sit on mama's lap until all is right in the world again. Who knew I had so much patience? Not me.

On the flip side, DIYQ comes in quite handy. He loves to run for the phone and bring it to me so I don't have to get out of my chair; he will fetch the remote, a bottle of tea, an apple, etc; he likes to put stuff in the recycling and trash; he must get his own shoes out of the closet and also put them back (ok, throw them in the closet); flush the toilet; and the list goes on.

Mr. Do-It-Yourself is a very useful engine, you just need to remember to LET HIM DO IT!

(It doesn't seem right to do a post without a picture, so here's our baby blue eyes.)

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