23 August 2010

Rainy Days

We have finally gotten our much needed rain. It was great on Sunday when we just lounged around all day. I think we just about burned out every screen in the house: iphones, ipads, computer, and tv. We were multi-tasking!!!

Quinn and Don did take some time for airplane rides.

Don was the only family member to leave the house. He went out for groceries and came home with a giant lobster balloon! That got Mister Quinn off the couch and running his downstairs route. Notice that he's still in his pajamas and this picture was taken at 4:02 pm. We were productive enough to change him in to fresh pajamas before bedtime ;)

A rainy Sunday was fine but we woke up to rain again today (Monday). Quinn and I were supposed to go to a backyard playdate with the Holistic Moms but it got rained out. Instead we piled pillows on the bedroom floor and raised a ruckus!

'Sleep with me Mama?' is what I'm sure he said before this picture. You can see how scrunched up his eyes are in his sleeping pose.

'I've got an idea!' he says...

...let's use mama's legs for a ramp and climb on to the bed.

Here's your lens cap! This might be one of my new favorite pictures.

Singing a tune!

Hanging out on the pillows.

Enjoying some hot chocolate with his friend the lobster. The lobster sure looks happy! Probably glad he was rescued from Kings grocery store by some vegetarian hippies ;)

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