10 August 2010

Water World

Quinn and I had a great time visiting Ross, Tamara, Sami, and Ty a week or so ago. Quinn loved having big kids to play with and had so much fun with his cousins. One afternoon mom stayed home with Quinn while Sami, Ty, and I walked up to the neighborhood pool. I took alot of underwater pictures.

I love this picture because it could be above or below water.


Ty is quite a character and always full of smiles.

Muscle Man!!

OK, everything is technically wrong with this picture but I love it anyways.

Sami and Ty have the typical sister/brother relationship. It was alot like my relationship with Ross when we were younger. We always hung around each other but we loved to fight, physically. And what better place to fight than at the pool. Here's Sami getting ready to let loose on Ty.

Poor Ty getting in the stomach. That day he was being chased and whacked with a noodle by a gaggle of young girls. I think they liked him ;)

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