14 September 2010

First Day of PreSchool

Quinn and I survived his first day of preschool and only one of us cried -- I'm sure you know which one. We got off to a great start last night when Quinn fell asleep around 8 pm. Since he decided to get up at 5 am this morning, we had lots of time to get ready for his first day of school. Quinn had been to the school for orientation last week and we've been talking alot about how much fun he will have at school.

The first day of school isn't official without pictures. He wasn't going for the traditional "on the steps-in front of the door" pictures so we went this route instead. You can see that he's wearing his official Sundance School t-shirt and new sneakers. (Funny story, I was talking to some moms at pick-up time and their daughters were complaining about wearing the t-shirt and asked to accessorize the outfit :)

Don got a late start on his work day so that he could send his little man off to school. Yay for great dads!

Quinn has his very own cubby where we will put his coat and an extra set of clothes. The teacher/school will also leave any take home stuff in his cubby.

This was waiting for Quinn when he got to his cubby.

Miss Bunny welcoming Quinn to his classroom, the Moon Room. Miss Bunny started teaching at the school many years ago when her kids attended the school. Now Miss Bunny's daughter is also a teacher at the school and Miss Bunny's grandkids attend the school. What a great testament for the quality of the school.

As you can see from Quinn's body language, he wasn't so sure about going with Miss Bunny. I made the mistake of taking a couple of pictures after he went willingly with Miss Bunny but then Quinn came running back. I gave him a hug, told him I would be back soon, and then Miss Bunny coaxed him in to the room with a train. I wanted to stay, but made a dash out of the school.

Before letting out for the morning, the kids gather in the auditorium to sing. Today one of the original owners of the school was playing the guitar for the sing-a-long. The kids came through the doors and Quinn didn't see me at first. But then I got the biggest smile and hug ever! My heart melted as my boy squeezed me tight. Miss Bunny said that Quinn never cried and was happy all morning. She said he wasn't big on structure (ie sitting in a circle, doing things as a group) which wasn't a big surprise to me. Phew! We survived!

Quinn had a drink and snack in the car and then was out like a light. He hasn't been taking naps lately, but today I will let him sleep for a couple of hours to restore and replenish.

How I love this boy!

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