13 September 2010

My Day with Mighty

I loved my day with Quinn. It was normal, it was extraordinary, and it is the day before his first day of preschool.

Quinn loves his crocs. I think he especially loves them because he can easily put them on and take them off himself. Something a do-it-yourself kind of kid might like. But with school starting tomorrow, Quinn needed some proper footwear and today we got him a new pair of sneakers at our locally owned shoe store. Check out the size difference from last year's sneakers to this year's sneakers. How quickly they grow!

A quick stop at Starbucks and then on to swimming lessons. We are trying a new swim school that's a little bit of a drive but seems to have a really good program. This is also the first time Quinn will take a lesson without Don or I in the pool. We went for an evaluation a couple of weeks ago to determine which class he should be in and he did pretty well without me.

Today Quinn got in the pool, did one exercise, and then came over to me and asked for a warm towel (our saying at the Westfield Pool when his whole body is shivering and his lips are blue.) I coaxed him back in to the pool and then snuck out of the pool area. As soon as I left, he did so well. He followed the teacher's instructions, played and shared with the other little girl in the pool, and seemed to be having a good time. I could hear everything and would occasionally sneak a peak. The class can have as many as 6 kids to 2 teachers, but we lucked out with 2 kids and one teacher. The other little girl in the class is about Quinn's age and a very good little swimmer. I have a good feeling about this class :)

He had a big snack and drink on the way home while he played with his balloon from the shoe purchase. He also managed to sneak in a quick catnap.

It was a nice cool day, so we grabbed the scooter and went for nice long walk. It's been so hot here that we haven't spent that much time this summer strolling around the neighborhood. Today we visited all of our favorite places.

Like throwing leaves and debris down the storm drain.

There is usually a puddle here from the drain, but it was dry today. This is one of Quinn's favorite "splish, splash, splosh" locations.

Through the woods...

...with a quick stop to find out what might be in the hole in the ground. Maybe a stick will reveal what's hiding in there.

He's all boy. He knows how to find the wettest, muddiest spot at the playground while wearing his brand new shoes.

Today I seemed to be reminded at every turn how much Quinn is growing and developing. At the beginning of the summer, he needed alot of help getting up this spiral ladder. Now he climbs up it on his own and then slides right over to the platform. Our big boy!

How Quinn loves to throw leaves.

And a quick walk on the retaining wall. No longer does he need a helping hand. Instead he runs on it waving a leafy stick.

Off to the woods to see what he can discover.

We spent a couple of hours today roaming the neighborhood, playing on the playground, and trailblazing through the woods. It was a great afternoon!

Tomorrow Quinn starts preschool at the Sundance School. Don and I feel so good about this school and know we made the right choice for our little man. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to post tomorrow.

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