23 September 2010

Sundance School

Have I told you how much we love Sundance School?

Every day when I drop him off or pick him up I'm always excited to check his cubby hole to see what has been left for us. Today, we got "Ms. Bunny's Red Group News". Ms. Bunny is Quinn's teacher and he's in the red group.

Fun in Moon Art (he's in the Moon Room):

This week in the Art Room Firefighter Mort taught us all about the letter F! The fantastic fun included:

o Reading Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
o Creating a "rainbow fish" print
o Mixing our own fingerpain from glue, paint, and shaving cream
o Molding with blue playdoh
o Experimenting with different shades of blue at the easel
o Fishing in blue water a the water table

Here's what we did in Ms. Nellie's room this week:

o Learned the letter of the week - F (last week was M)
o Used a fork to scoop feathers out of blue water
o Sorted different fruit to the same color plate
o Decorated a flower by tearing tissue paper
o "Frogs on logs" - worked on our fine motor skills by placing blue and red frogs on logs
o Golf tee 'F'
o Color sorting fishing game

When I picked him up Tuesday, there was Quinn's first school painting which was laminated for us.

Here's a look at the outside play area. The sandbox is amazing. Look at all of those buckets!

Another look at the play area.

And what's a post to the blog without a picture of Mighty! He's having some fun on the monkey swing in our backyard.

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