11 October 2010

Birthday Weekend: Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon we ventured out for some pumpkin picking and apple cider drinking at Hackelbarney Cider Mill.  It was a beautiful setting and we knew we were going to have fun when there was a John Deere right out front for Quinn to hop on.

I was impressed with all of the photo opportunities that were set up around the farm.

We grabbed our wheelbarrow and ventured out in to the pumpkin patch. Hackelbarney is the kind of farm where the pumpkins are still attached to the vine so you really do need to pick them.  Quinn found quite a few that he liked and filled up the wheelbarrow.

The farm was filled with apple orchards with trees just right for a THREE year old to climb. (And maybe a 41 year old too.)

Don, Quinn, and I ventured in to the corn maze. Quinn started out blazing through the maze and ended up riding on Don's shoulders. Don taught Quinn and I that you ALWAYS turn right in a corn maze. He was right on because we found our way out.

Mom and Quinn hung out while we paid for the pumpkins.

Speaking of pumpkins...

We finished up our visit with many apple cider goodies, both savory and sweet.  What a great way to spend a birthday afternoon!

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