13 October 2010

Preschool Update

On Tuesday when I took Quinn to school, he gave me a wave, said 'Bye Mama', and went right in to his classroom.  Wow!  When the kids go in to the classroom, they go to a table that has cards with each of their names printed on it. They are to pick out their name and take it to another table.  Yesterday, I saw Miss Bunny (his teacher) do a happy dance after Quinn picked out his name card.  On the way home we always talk about his morning at school and I asked how to spell his name.  He said "Q-U-I-N-N spells Quinn"!   He repeated this little exercise a couple times later in the day to Don's delight!

I can really see the benefits of preschool carrying over in to other things too.  On Monday Don and I took Quinn to swim class.  Normally I would have to leave the pool area so that Quinn will stay focused on the class and not come running over to me.  This past Monday, Don and I sat in the pool area and Quinn listened to all the instructions from his teacher Miss Heather and never once tried to come over to us.  He was a little naughty and scared Miss Heather a couple of times, but that's exactly what we would expect of a 3 year old ;)

The Boy!

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