05 November 2010


We had our first Parent/Teacher's meeting this week at Quinn's preschool, Sundance School.  Don had planned to work from home that day so we all got to go :)  As you might imagine, it was very short and very sweet.   Quinn's teacher, Miss Bunny, thinks that Quinn is a very good boy (of course!) and loves having him in her class.   He is mostly quiet but likes to laugh and giggle in class.  He especially likes the stage where the class performs stories and has a fun time moving around.    We were also very pleased to find out that Miss Bunny has been a vegetarian for 20 years.  The school director, Miss Janet, calls herself a pesca-vegan because she doesn't eat meat or dairy but some fish for protein.   We are loving this hippy school :)

Whenever the school is closed, the Sundance Parent Association (SPA) plans an activity for the kids and/or families.  This week we went to one of our favorite places, Trailside Nature Center.  The weather was a little bit wet, but we dressed for the elements and had fun hiking in the rain.  I bet  you can't pick out our boy...

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