07 December 2010

Chicago with Mae

We had a great time in Chicago visiting Don's family, starting off with Mae.  On Sunday we met our friends Rod, Risa, and their 4 year old son Robbie in the city for lunch and fun.  After a great lunch, we headed off to Andersonville to the Swedish American Museum.  The museum has a great kids area where the kids can really use their imagination in either Sweden or America.

Quinn loved climbing up on this horse and fishing.   Quinn has seen people fish before and has talked about fishing himself.  As you might imagine that as vegetarians we're not crazy about the concept.  But we agreed that he could play fish as long as he threw them back ;)  Don even set up a fishing pole, a bucket, and trains to fish for at our house.

Quinn had a very croup-y cough one night so we really wanted to get out and get some fresh air the next day. I think it was probably the last 60 degree plus day in Chicago until Spring.  Mae took us to this great local farm where we visited with some of the animals and walked along the paths.

There were two horses in one field and they were very, very friendly as you can see.

Quinn got tired of walking so I gave him a ride.  I have a monkey on my back!

And then we got a real taste of Chicago winter.  It was about 24 degrees this morning when we headed out to a playground near Mae's house.  The adults were freezing but Quinn was having a great time.  We might just like the color orange in our family :)

Mae had lots of toys and activities for Quinn.  This little table was great for Quinn to enjoy his very messy hot chocolate and it was nice that he had some company.

We had such a great time with Mae and Quinn always loves his special time with her.  

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