11 February 2011

Playing Hookie

I decided to keep Quinn home from school on Thursday because he still has a persistent cough.  It's definitely getting better but he is still coughing.  I was glad I kept him home because he slept until 10:45 am and then took a 30 minute nap later in the day.  His body is healing.

Quinn has a valentine's party at school on Tuesday and his teacher Miss Bunny asked that we bring in valentines cards for all his little friends.   We ran by the school in the afternoon to drop them off and then headed to Starbucks for some coffee and hot chocolate.   Quinn loves his hot chocolate!   For some reason it felt like we were playing hookie :)

Also, just a reminder that I've started a new blog where I post my daily picture http://awproject365.blogspot.com/  I usually don't post that picture on Quinn's blog.  I've added a link to my Project 365 to the right hand side bar of this blog in "Blogs I Like".  

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