02 March 2011

Don't Spill the Beans

Quinn loves to do sensory activities.  Playing in the water, sandbox, beans, etc.  I keep a bag of mixed beans in his little corner cabinet that he can pull out at any time and play.  There's nothing like moving the beans from one cup/bowl to another.  Even more fun with tongs, ladles, chopsticks, etc.  I made the mistake of adding some orange lentils to the mix to give it some more color.  Those little babies go every where and are fun picking up.  

Here's the aftermath.  It actually doesn't look so bad but I should have also gotten a picture of the floor.  I asked Quinn to help me clean up and he didn't find it very appealing.  I told him 'no clean, no play'.  You must not like them enough to help me clean up so we'll just throw them in the trash, which I was prepared to do.  So he ran and got the vacuum cleaner and was my very good little helper.

It's great to have an activity that he loves to do, can do all by himself, and will occupy him for almost an hour.
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