28 March 2011

What Do You See?

What do you see in this picture?

A little 3 year old boy sleeping in his own bed?  

Why yes, that's exactly what you see.  Quinn took a 5 pm nap on the way home from the aquarium on Saturday so he and Don stayed up late.  They talked about Quinn sleeping in his own bed and he was very agreeable to it.   Don had to do his usually wrangling to get Quinn to sleep but he spent the whole night in his own bed.  Imagine my panic when I awoke at 4 am and couldn't find Quinn in our bed!!  Don briefly explained, I went and checked on Quinn, and then laid there an hour or more until I finally fell back to sleep.  I ended up waking Quinn up at 11 am and he was pretty happy about having slept in his own bed.  I hope this continues!

And an extra picture of our fabutastic boy!

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