24 April 2011

The Easter Bunny was Here

The Easter Bunny visited our house a day early because we are going in to NYC on Easter day.  Quinn woke up and followed a trail of eggs to his easter basket.  

The Easter Bunny was a little bit naughty this year trailing in grass and blueberries, eating carrots, and knocking over chairs.   Quinn wasn't quite sure what to make of it...and he was still waking up.

The Easter Bunny even dropped an egg outside.

Quinn's basket was full of goodies including a bunny Pez dispenser.  Nothing like artificially colored sugar for breakfast, but Quinn declared it "delicious!".

He also got a little boy sized baseball glove and ball.  Papa was stoked about this gift :)

It was a very rainy day so we did our Easter egg hunt in the house.

Look what I got mom!  Can you help me open?  Look at those sleepy bags under his eyes.

Yum!  Jelly Belly's!

I'm not sure Quinn understood the whole thing, but I had fun :)  On Sunday morning we are going in to the city to try out the best rated veggie burger in NYC for our Easter lunch and then to Radio City Music Hall for "Madagascar the Musical".  It should be a fun and unusual Easter day.

Happy Easter!

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