11 May 2011

Embrace the Haze

In my recent photography class, we had an assignment to shoot right in to the sun and to 'embrace the haze'.   Last night I went outside with Quinn and the light from the 'golden hour' was just beautiful in our backyard.  Quinn had a popsicle and was somewhat compliant so I asked him to sit in this chair while I ran inside to grab my camera.  A couple of things I was trying to get was a 'halo' around his hair and maybe a lens flare or two.  I definitely got the halo and the flare appears in the second image above my watermark.    You can also see some 'twinkly trees' in the second shot which is a bonus.  I think I would have gotten an A on this assignment.  

Quinn loves the mist setting on our hose.  He calls it either smoke or fog and he says "I can't see anything" (because it's so foggy :)  Did I mention that our water bill usually doubles in the summer?

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