08 June 2011

Last Day of School

Remember this little guy on his first day of school?
It's hard to believe the school year is over and Tuesday was his last day of school.  And this is our boy 9 months older giving me the best fake smile he could muster and probably in need of a haircut.

We celebrated the last day of school with a journal party.  Miss Bunny and the other teachers take pictures and save artwork throughout the year and put together a journal for each child.  Amazing!

All the parents gathered around for the last day and the kids marched in the room in pairs.  They no longer need the 'train' to hold on to but each grab a buddy.  You can't see Quinn but he's holding hands with Tyler in the x-men tshirt.

They sat down on the rug so quietly.  I think they were wondering what all these people are doing in their room.  Quinn had not yet spotted me.


I was one of three class moms for Quinn's class and our kids painted a watering can for us.  It's funny because Quinn shares so little about his day with me.  I usually find out the snack and the letter of the week but that's about it.  One day he told me he painted me a watering can, which was supposed to be a big secret.  Shh!  Here's Quinn with my watering can and Miss Bunny.

Each child was called up to get their Journal and give the teachers a big hug!  Can you feel the love?

Each child's journal includes pictures and artwork from throughout the year and is 20+ pages long.  Pictures of Quinn's birthday celebration, his best buddy Niko, field day races, performances, etc.  Wow!!  If I get a chance I'll get some of them posted here.

Every party must include snacks!  The two women on the right side of the table are the other two class moms and have become good friends.

Missy Bunny said her teary good bye and made us all get choked up.  Then it was off to enjoy summer vacation!!
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