13 July 2011

Hoboken! Who Knew?

On Sunday we went on a NJ family adventure to Hoboken aka The Boke.  We knew it was on the Hudson River across from NYC but we didn't expect to enjoy it so much.  The piers and waterfront areas have had a major facelift recently and I had heard about a great kids area.  We were not disappointed.  

This walkway leads to the "playground". 

(Here's an image of the Pier C area that I found on google.)

A view of the city from the top of one of the play areas.

Great water and sand features designed with the kid in mind.

We can't go on an adventure without a little geocaching.  We found 2 on this trip.

Don demonstrating the swirly whirl.  Quinn just looked at this picture and said "Papa's so dizzy!".

A view down the river.

Who knew Hoboken was so nice?
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