15 August 2011

Portland Food Carts

Don and I were really looking forward to visiting Portland and their Food Carts.  I first heard about them when my mom got a card from the husband of a dearly departed friend that mentioned he sold reuben's at his daughter's food cart in Portland.  Very interesting.   I knew that Portland was very veggie friendly so the food carts were very promising.

We did a little research and downloaded a Portland food cart app to our iphones.  Our first morning we routed our path to hit all the major points of interest, including as many food carts as our stomachs could handle.  The food carts are generally set up in "pods" in parking lots so when you find one cart, you will find anywhere from 5 - 25 carts.    Each cart has it's own theme with a pretty small menu.  Not surprising considering the size of the carts.   Almost all of the carts had some sort of veggie or vegan option.

Here's our first set of carts set up by Portland State University.   We were there early-ish so only a handful were open.  You can see that each one has a different feel to it.

I knew that mom's friend's husband sold reubens and with a little research I was able to figure out which cart was his.  Pastrami on Rye.  There were a handful of reuben carts in the city but when one reviewer mentioned "the old gentleman that reminded me of my grandpa" I knew I had found the right one.  

Unfortunately they were closed when we arrived.  

After we ate breakfast I noticed that they were starting to open up so we stopped by for a visit and had a nice chat with Bill.  I loved that they had a veggie reuben but unfortunately we had just eaten and it was time to move on.  

We hit a couple more food carts before the day was through.  A great way to see and taste Portland.

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