27 September 2011

My Birthday Week

BQ (before Quinn) Don and I used to stretch out our birthdays so that we celebrated the whole week.  I'm happy to report that I think birthday week may have returned for my birthday.  You might remember that Quinn requested a hammer cake for Don's birthday.  Lucky for Don, Quinn requested a rollercoaster cake for my birthday.  Since Sunday was probably the only day Don would have time to create such a creation, we had rollercoaster cake on Sunday.  Let the birthday week begin!

Behold his masterpiece!  He made me a spice cake with homemade vanilla cream cheese frosting.  I think he did a pretty great job!

It definitely passed the Quinn test.

We continued with birthday week last night when Don took Quinn to bed so I could get a little alone time.   I'm enjoying birthday week thanks to a really considerate and thoughtful husband.

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