10 September 2011

A Week with Grams

Quinn and I spent most of this week in Maryland with Grams and Pam and her family.  Don had a busy travel/work week and Quinn starts school this coming week so it was a good time to get away.  As we were backing out of the driveway, Quinn was very distressed and kept saying "We can't leave Papa alone".  He's no longer a mama's boy.  OK, he still is.  But he's also quite a papa's boy too.

When we arrived at Grams, Quinn got in the door and went near the stairs to the basement and said "Grams, what's under the floor?".  Basically he knew that all the toys are downstairs.  Pam and her family came over for dinner that night and Quinn declared that Alex and Ben were his best friends!

Unfortunately it rained all week so we had to find lots of indoor activities.  Quinn understands and is very agreeable when we give him a "pattern" to explain our schedule.  For example:  lunch, grocery store, park.  Of course there has to be something in it for him.  On Monday the pattern was mall play area, lunch, shopping, merry-go-round.

Tuesday.  A different day, a different mall.  This mall is one level and about one mile all the way around.  I think Quinn ran the full mile.   With pit stops here are there.

Wednesday.  Another rainy day, another indoor adventure.  This time we went to an open gym for kids.  Lots of jumping, bouncing, and near heart attacks for mama.

 (this is a view of the gym from above through a dirty window)

Mom was helping out with her neighbor's dog while the neighbor was on vacation.  Lady is a very sweet dog and Quinn had fun petting her and following her around.  I think Quinn will be ready for his own buddy soon.  Funny side story, Don taught Quinn to say our patented "Ooooh Buddy" whenever we see a cute dog.  

We headed home on Thursday so that Quinn could attend orientation at school on Friday morning.  On our way home I stopped at one of my favorite stores, Lucy, to do a little shopping.  We were the only ones in the store so the sales lady gave us lots of special attention.  She was talking to Quinn about how old he was, his birthday, etc.  Quinn volunteered that when he turns 4 he is going to start sleeping in his own bed.  I like it.  I like it alot.

Quinn loves to answer the phone himself so if you call and hear a little voice you know what's going on.  Here he is talking to papa, who was still travelling.   Quinn also like to point out everything he sees while talking.  "And papa, here are my train tracks and my friend mama."   He cracks me up!

A great last week before school starts and we get back in to a routine.  Quinn was very happy to see papa on Friday night.  Quinn was so eager to play all sorts of games with tired papa.  It's nice to be under the same roof together.

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