27 November 2013

Around Here

We had some rain last week and the succulents in the yard hold lots of perfect drops of rain.

Quinn, Sonic and I go to puppy class every week at PetSmart.  I've learned alot and it's been great for Sonic to be around other puppies.  He loves playing with the other dogs but gets bored when the talking begins.

We've learned to keep a stash of Kong's in our freezer filled with wet dog food, cottage cheese, peanut butter, etc to give to Sonic when he goes in his crate or when we want some peace and quiet.  He loves these and they will keep him occupied for a good amount of time.  

We are continuing to get organized and just sold this big train table and train set on craigslist.  Our garage is really shaping up!

You might have seen this on FB.  In Quinn's homework he is learning to write sentences and this day he had to use "no" in his sentence.   He probably hears this one alot :)

The other morning I woke up to this beautiful light in the sky.

I call this one a study of beige on beige.  Mr. Naughty Pants.

On Sunday Quinn's other bottom tooth was loose and he wanted me to pull it out.  I couldn't get it out so we just let it go.  After brushing his teeth Sunday night the tooth was gone!!!  Down the drain?  We don't know.  The tooth fairy visited and found the tooth and left Quinn a gold coin.

Yesterday Quinn asked if he could take some money to school to put in the donation box for the Philippines.  I suggested he donate the money he got from the tooth fairy and he was happy to do so.  This morning he took in his bag of 7 gold coins from the tooth fairy to give to the Philippines.

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