29 January 2014

Around Here

Quinn and Sonic are the best of buds.  All the pain and suffering that Sonic has put us through is worth these moments.

When we are away from the house for long periods of time Sonic goes to doggy day care and comes home exhausted.  

And he is losing his baby teeth.  Let the real chewing begin :(

Quinn continues with his swim lessons and his teacher Ms. Felicia is really pushing him.  She can see how good he can be and she's trying to show him what he's capable of achieving.

Quinn comes home with homework every Monday and starting this week he came home with a Book in a Bag.  His teacher picked out a book for him and this is a clear sign that she knows our boy.  A great non-fiction book about Penguins.  He has a very, very short book report to hand in on Friday.

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