08 February 2014


Quinn gets home from school and he goes right for his buddy and his ipad. 

This dog is such a huge pain in the butt.  Then I see this....

Tuesday morning Quinn was complaining about a tummy ache.  Like any good mom I made him breakfast and went on with our day getting ready for school.  Once he threw up I knew that the tummy ache was real.  So we had a day at home in our jammies.  

Here's our boy getting a ribbon for doing 4 big arms in swim lessons.  It's basically 4 good freestrokes without a breath and then turning on to his back for 4 counts, turning back on his tummy and doing 4 big arms.  So proud!!

Quinn is such a good little reader.  He can read just about anything.  Right now he's reading at about a 2nd grade level.  His teacher is also giving him and a couple of other kids in his class some advanced math.

I finally got caught up on scanning his schoolwork and putting it in the project life book.  Here's a look at some of it.


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