15 February 2014


I have heard great things about the Little League program in Thousand Oaks.   I was hesitant about signing up Quinn because the TO team has won 6 US Little League Championships and 2 World Championships but a neighbor assured me that the TBall is alot of fun with no pressure.

Today Quinn had his first practice and my neighbor was right.  They play a game once a week but they don't keep score, all the kids get to hit, etc, etc.  It was all boys Quinn's age who attend the public school that Quinn will attend next year.  And I think Quinn even had some fun!

I didn't want to be "that" mom with the big camera the first day so I just took a couple of photos.

Quinn and I are just hanging out this afternoon doing what we love best.  wii for him and his buddy and photography stuff for me.

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