20 May 2014

This Morning...

...at 4 am Quinn woke up crying because he didn't want to move.  I was worried he was talking about moving to a new school but he said he had a dream that we were moving back to NJ.

...he asked me what a brown eye was (in referring to the butt).  I'm not sure I made the right decision in giving him the definition because that is all he could talk about on our way to school.

...he asked why there's no Sunsday.  Sunday?  No Sunsday?  If there's a Mother's Day and a Father's Day why is there no Son's Day.  He proclaimed May 22 as Son's Day and gave me a list of 6 things he likes.  He said that of course today couldn't be Son's Day because I wouldn't have time to buy the gift.

...I asked his teacher if she found his lost tooth because another tooth fell out at school yesterday and he lost the tooth he lost.

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