28 July 2014

Maui: Day 3

We were on a corner unit so we had view of the ocean straight out and also the mountains on the side.  

Lovely to look at and smell.

A very sandy and fun day at the beach.

Today we took Quinn out to Black Rock to snorkel.  Quinn has been snorkeling in the pool at home so he snorkeled like a champ.

As we swam by the people jumping off of Black Rock, Quinn said "I want to do that!".   Oh &@%#$!!!

While on the beach later in the afternoon we saw a huge pod of dolphins swim by.  Pretty fantastic.

My man rocking his black muscle shirt.

We had a sitter this night and Don and I went out to check out a bunch of different restaurants on a search for The Perfect Mai Tai.

Not sure we found it, but the sunset was beyond beautiful.

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