20 May 2018

Dual Swim Meet

Don and Quinn swam in their first swim meet together.  It was a fun event with the Daland Swim Team being split into two groups:  Pink Team and Black Team.  Don and Quinn were drafted for the black team.

The Black Team getting pumped up!  That's the main swim coach next to Don.

So proud of these guys showing up and participating!

All the swimmers warming up.  You can spot Don by his tattoo at the bottom of the picture.

All the swimmers. 

Don swam in 5 events and Quinn in 4.  The trick is to write your event number, heat, and lane on your arm. 

And they're off! Don is in lane 4.  The high flying woman in the pink cap next to Don is Coach Adrienne who usually coaches Quinn's team.  There were a handful of adult swimmers and most of them swam in college and were pretty good. 

Don crushed it in the 50 yard breast stroke and won his race! 

Quinn's favorite stroke is the back stroke and he came in 2nd in his race.  Wahoo!


Swim meets seem to go on forever.  So this one was chillaxin!

Cheering on his dad!  What a great day!

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