17 November 2018

Helus Memorial

Police Officer Ron Helus was shot and killed during the massacre at Borderline in TO last Thursday.  Today his service and funeral were held.

I decided to see if we could get a glimpse of the procession and pay our respects so Quinn and I headed towards the cemetery.   I told Quinn he would see more police cars than he's ever seen in his life and I was quite right.

We were able to park and stand at the entrance to the cemetery as the procession went by.  It was heart wrenching.  I could clearly see the faces of the police officers on motorcycles and they were stoic. 

One lady gave Quinn a flag to hold and a vet asked Quinn to stand with them.

After the procession made it in to the cemetery we were walking back to our car and watched hundreds and hundreds of police cars go by.  We probably stood there for a full 30 minutes.   (I sped up the video in some parts just to make it shorter.)

It was quite a tribute to this fallen hero Ron Helus.   #TOStrong

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