15 March 2020

Hunkering Down

As we start hunkering down, I bought about 3 pounds of sugar to make sure Don can continue to feed the hummingbirds.   These little creatures eat ALOT!

Can you spy 5 hummingbirds in this picture?

We so appreciate the rain and will plan to get out between rain showers.  But alot of the hiking trails are closed because hiking on muddy trails really damages the trails.  We'll make the best of it.

We will create some version of this for our days at home.  Then we see how long it lasts.  We stocked up on books and Quinn picked out some interesting books.  I'll post about those later.  
The Don & Quinn Evening Sonic Torture Show.  Poor Sonic can't get a grip on the wood floors and moves from area carpet to area carpet.

And lazy Sunday morning.   Don had to run in to work and I blog and Quinn sleeps.

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