01 April 2020

Around the House

Around the house these days....

Quinn's face print on the back door.  

 I'm working on a gluten free week for Quinn to see if it clears up some patches of eczema.    Gluten is his favorite food group so I gotta make it tasty.  Today I made Pumpkin Bread smeared with cashew butter and drizzled with honey.  It is so very good and is a great light lunch or snack. 

We got a bunch of new games including this fun game called Ticket to Ride.   Lots to learn in the beginning but super fun to play.  Quinn is quite good so it's pretty competitive.    We play during lunch or after dinner.

Don getting ready to start his work day.  He's a little more dressed up than usual because he has board meetings.  But he has quite a set up.  

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